The Ahl Diffuser™

Ahl Diffusers™ are polycylindrical wood-faced diffusers that reduce flutter echoes from parallel surfaces, increase clarity and intelligibility and provide more uniform distribution and decay of sound without excessively deadening the sound like simple absorbers can.

Ahl Diffusers™ are typically arrayed in a staggered horizontal / vertical alignment to diffuse in all directions and eliminate any phase issues.

The diffusers displayed here are a few of the many options of wood species, laminates, finishes and colors we offer. The diffusers are also available in “Drum Wrap” finishes. (Black Diamond Pearl shown here, any other drum wrap may also be used).

 Ahl Diffusers™ measure 22” x 22” x 6” deep at the deepest point, (558mm x 558mm x 152mm) and come with “Z” Clips for easy mounting on existing wall surfaces. The diffusers may also be mounted to many standard suspended ceiling tiles in a T-bar grid system.

 Contact us with your wood species, finish and color requirements.